About Us

The Mar del Plata labor union “Luz y Fuerza”, which was founded on October 8th, 1943, and is currently operating under legal recognition N° 733, is a first-degree labor union and part of the Energy Workers’ Federation of the Argentine Republic (FETERA, in Spanish). This union brings together all of those workers providing services in the production, exploitation, commercialization, transmission and distribution of energy, in national, provincial and local enterprises as well as mixed-capital or private cooperatives, whether they are workers involved in manual, technical, professional or administrative processes -and who voluntarily express their wish to affiliate with our Union.

As a member of the Argentine Workers’ Central Union (CTA, in Spanish), our union aspires to create higher awareness as regards the need of mutual support among affiliates and workers in general, with the main objective of removing the obstacles that hamper a worker’s full realization.

Our main goal is to achieve full observance of those constitutional principles that ensure to all workers decent and fair conditions of labor, appropriate work shifts, fair payment, minimum wage, profit sharing, control of production and cooperation with steering positions , preservation of employment stability, negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, exercise of the right to strike and other rights, comprehensive and inalienable social security benefits to be provided by the State, retirement pensions and other pensions, protection of the worker’s family, financial compensation and access to adequate and decent housing.

This final goal, which tends to improve living and working conditions, is to be achieved through new relations with energy suppliers in a supportive society based on social justice and free of any form of internal or external domination.

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